Welcome to Mike Squire Photo's "Faces of Phoenix" Project.


Unlike other Faces of Phoenix projects that highlight business professionals and businesses, this project is being undertaken to highlight the astounding diversity of the population that resides in and around the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Through simple portraits, as well as more complex lifestyle images, Mike Squire Photo is hoping to tell the daily life of Phoenix one image at a time.

A Phoenix resident for 30 years, Mike Squire has always been fascinated by the ethnic and cultural aspects of Phoenix as put forth by its diverse population. Now, through a series of personal and journalistic images, Mike Squire would like to let the entire world know the astonishing variety of people that call Phoenix "home".

To be featured in this project, please email Mike Squire Photo using the "contact" tab on the previous page with the following information:



Brief personal history.

Why you believe your personal story is relevant to the project.

Contact information.

A panel will evaluate your information for possible inclusion and respond directly to you.

If you are selected we will arrange an interview and then a photo shoot. The photo shoot will last about 1 hour and is free.

Those photographed will be required to sign a waiver authorizing use of their personal images in this project.

If you have any questions, please use the same "contact" tab to send us an email.

Many thanks,

Mike Squire Photo.

GALLERY OF IMAGES (This will increase as the project moves forward).